What Killed Yasser Arafat? (Full Version)

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As the Israel/Palestine peace process headed for a total impasse in 2004 Yasser Arafat suddenly fell mysteriously ill. It was convenient timing for Israel and the US, who felt that Arafat was their biggest obstacle, but nearly fifty doctors from around the world rushed to try and save him, testing for virtually every known disease. Despite their efforts he died within weeks and ever since it’s been an unsolved case. This riveting documentary with exclusive access follows Suha Arafat’s search for the truth and finds a complex mystery unfolding.

“This is not a medical issue, it is a political one”, says Omar Dakka. Once personal physician to Yasser Arafat, he is hesitant to discuss the precise circumstances surrounding the leader’s rapid and mysterious demise. Such trepidation and a frustrating reticence are common among the extended team of medical professionals who surrounded Arafat in his last weeks of life in 2004. French doctors refuse to speak to camera. One of his Tunisian doctors begs not to be drawn into it, “The truth is not with me…don’t involve me in such difficult issues.” As the continuing controversy throws up suggestions of poison, international assassination and interference, Arafat’s doctors reluctance to speak openly begs the question; why?

The secrecy and doubt surrounding his death, is especially interesting considering the political factors at play in 2004. Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon said, “Anybody who is a threat to the Israeli people…I will remove him.” At the same time president Bush was saying, “I will call on the Palestinian people to elect new leaders.” As Mohammed Rashid, former advisor to Arafat, points out, “It was clear that we were heading to a serious deadlock which could cost Arafat his life.”


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Rating: 3.9/5 (8 votes cast)
What Killed Yasser Arafat? (Full Version), 3.9 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

4 comments to What Killed Yasser Arafat? (Full Version)

  • MJ 2012

    More disinfo. Why didnt Jazeera interview Arafat’s Doctor? What rubbish. Suha Arafat was the biggest obstacle to the truth. And the polonium cause for Arafat’s death was revealed 6-7 years ago by Russian investigative reporter Anna Politovskaya- who was soon after assassinated. Which was conveniently blamed on Vladimir Putin.

    Jazeera is playing the tried & true Palestinian card to salvage credibility after their atrocious coverage of Libya, Syria and Arab spring.

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  • NavyBrat

    I’m surprised no one raised this question at the time of Arafat’s death – which was on 11/11, a favorite occult number. They like to leave their mark on their deeds. They even moved Arafat to a French hospital to ensure he died on the appropriate date.

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  • Abdul H.

    The Arab world was on FIRE with anger after Arafat’s death and how his wife and the Palestinian Authority tried to prevent a true autopsy into his death. Many editorials pointed the finger at both of them as working with the Israelis to get rid of Arafat. The Palestinians even launched a “Million Man” petition to exhume his body- which was again ignored by Israel’s bitch- the P.A. and Suha who was paid off (they let her keep some of Arafat’s hidden bank accounts in payment).
    This attempt to further cover up the real story by Al Jazeera and those who disseminate the official lies is really a disgrace. PS: the radiation poison used to kill him was known about a long time ago.

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  • Khalidi

    Al Jazeera is a Mossad-MI6 creation liar. Why do websites for Truth keep running this garbage portraying Suha as a hero? Anyone who has been to the W Bank is aware of how hated she has been for YEARS by the rank and file of Palestinians- and that includes the corrupt PA who is like US Congress in its service to the zionists

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