War by Deception 2013 (Full Version)

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I have posted this video before, and no one has ever even tried to debunk it. The only reason more don’t know about it, is because the media wants the public to think that Alex Jones, Loose Change, Jesse Ventura, etc. are the heart of the 9/11 Truth movement. But these people and that movie is to 9/11 Truth what Richard Simmons is to Muscle Building.

War By Deception 2013, by Ryan Dawson, is low budget, but filled with clear evidence for Mossad, CIA and Zionist or dual Israeli citizen involvement in 9/11. It is possible of course that these dual citizens or hard core American Zionists were just used to construct the official story. Maybe at least a few really do believe the official story and were not in on the cabal. Regardless, he shows how the 9/11 Commission’s conclusions were predetermined by necons in the Bush administration.

It also shows where other 9/11 Truthers get it wrong (see his breakdown of Loose Change’s error filled discussion of the attack on the Pentagon). He presents a nuanced overview of who did it, how they did it, without claiming to have all the answers. If you can get past the low budget quality, you will be amazed at what you can learn from this documentary.

It is not a coincidence that 9/11 Truth documentaries that peddle distractions get the big budgets and the ones that do not, struggle for viewership.

Please watch this important work people, and share it. 9/11 Truth still matters and this documentary provides the strongest case for Truth out there, without getting lost in distracting details. Trust me, you will not think the same after viewing it.

Video description from: http://www.dailypaul.com/272476/updated-9-11-documentary-war-by-deception-2013-a


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Rating: 4.0/5 (73 votes cast)
War by Deception 2013 (Full Version), 4.0 out of 5 based on 73 ratings

16 comments to War by Deception 2013 (Full Version)

  • jaydi

    stew webb outted AJ as being CointelPro under the pay of FBI division#5 who has a CIA handler by the name of norvell. look it up on google and see for yourself

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  • Denga

    …so the author watched “Loose Change” and made his own version out of it…..nothing new in here….

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    • Those two guys were zionist jews.
      They were released per order of Chertoff, a duel citizen zionist jew who is now head of Homeland Security.A zionist jew is the head of security of all USA.NOW THAT IS SCARY

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  • hmcgroin

    Do to time restrictions I had to watch this over the course of three nights, doing it this way really takes away from any flow to the doc that there was. I enjoyed this, especially when it debunked some of the stuff in loose change. I always thought that the Loose Change vid was the sh1ts, because it was one of the first conspiracy docs that I ever watched. lol at that time I even thought Alex Jones was someone to listen to and he was fighting the good fight (whatever the F that even means, it was either type “Fighting the good fight” or say “it was before I realized what a douche he is).

    I never heard about the van on the bridge before this doc, I did know about the Israeli guys filming and jumping up and down celebrating (now there are some douche bags) but just thought they were a$$holes.

    Having watched so many of these docs in the past and hearing the same stuff over and over (a lot of it needs to be heard e.g. the explosions in the buildings, people being notified the day before not to fly or go to work, the BBC showing building 7 in the background etc.) I liked how Ryan pointed out numerous times, that some of the stuff being used as proof, whether they are true or not, need to be ignored as they are a distraction from what we should really be paying attention to and what is really being covered up.

    I am not a full blown Truther, whatever being one actually means, but I sure do not believe the story we have been told. There are too many things that that do not seem right, have never been properly answered and never will be, and Dick Chaney et al are psychopath’s who somehow have gotten away with so many things and are involved in this up to their beady eyes. The sad truth is we will never know the truth, whoever is responsible will get away Scot-free, too many Americans just plain and simply don’t care or don’t/won’t believe their Gov. would do (or allow it to happen) something like this, and this will not be the last time something like this will happen.

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  • AnotherAnnonymousAmericanAsshole

    There is enough evidence, now, to get indictments against the War Usury’s Ivy Towered Crime families, and most of the Diebold selected employees flashing face under the hypno-tube’s glitter ball for war crimes, murder, genocide, racketeering, fraud, extortion, graft, treason – don’t get me started. Military Political Appointees. A bunch ex administration officials.

    Slam dunk indictments. Obvious Oath of Office and Code of conduct violations, Dereliction of duty and violations of by uniformed and civil employees of the people of the United States of America.

    RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) has been amended to allow states to prosecute under RICO and applies to white collar crime by our federal employees.

    Vincent Bugliosi, ex LA DA under oath assured a congressional panel he could prosecute George W. Bush for Murder. Personally, Bush is mentally incompetent. Bush

    When Colon Bowell, and only after UN staff had agreed to draping Picasso’s Guernica, sat as any who might have escaped the hangman’s rope after participating in the blood binge rut of genocide industrial scale genocide and attempted colonization sanctioned by another not too unexpected tedious ruse of the Pentagon Papered Pig In a Poke hoopla known as, maestro, if you please .. TA ..DA…DAAA ..: Gulf of Tonkin with his little box of claimed Iraqi H-bomb hidy hole operations, cartoons of weather trucks (with circles and arrows and words on the back) and (ooops) totally redacted DOE counter claims that the aluminum tubes were not the evil tubes, while SlamDunkMyAssIf8InchesorLess, Tenant twitched and NecromongerMontePython eyed attendees looking for any “tells” of disbelief or demand of additional bribe .. errr .. as well as any possible airborne shoes. rotten fruit or dog turds missed by the array of anti “thrown feces and debris” patriot mini missiles received from “Q” at the bathhouse the night before – AND F*CKING TOLD A LIE TO GET YET ANOTHER SECURITY COUNCIL WRONGFUL GENOCIDE SANCTION.

    So we get on a buss tomorrow and go “where” to get the ball rolling? Is Holder the exception or the rule for and and all of our municipal and state attorneys?

    We spend a lot of times on the minutia in the very limited set facts we have been allowed access to by the very same suspects we employed based on non-audit-able Diebold tallies reported on TV.

    To Ryan: Where did loose change get their images you cast as “simulations”? Where did you get yours? Bet ya they are “approved for public release” images. BTW: Yours look like simulations too. Me don’t know. A French Blog presented a good argument the Pentagon was hit by a crusader. Digital images are too easy to shop.

    Why would your images and simulations more reliable than loose changes? What was your source for the images.

    A court filing by a member of the JAG looking for the unaccounted 2.3 Trillion Rummy, blabbed about the day before in low key press conference (very unlike his pomp and ceremonious sanctimonious well lite funerary theater of lies prime time commiseration of a fallen warrior shot by dem nassity towel heads – we all know pat was a contract hit and what pat said about the war), bolsters the “it wasn’t an airliner” POV.

    The Piloting and pilot skill sets issuse is mute AFAIC. A retired FAA (relative) said all US heavy commercial craft are installed with remote and remotely programmable flight control systems. 2 Years ago a Boeing PR hyping the new and improved NAV Star system that included security models to better defend against hackers. The security mod bit may be real or it may be fog – a fall back defense should their current cover story crumble.

    Check FAA Policy Change DOCS for 2001: Pilots could no longer bring a gun on the flight and airport towers were told to turn off Radar and rely only on transponder targeting for their dispatch control systems
    Too me – the in your eye proof of just how low iodine the CSPAN dandies are was “box cutters”! An American mother or father is on a plane with 80 to a hundred or so other red meat Americans, is told to calm her child by a skinny brown guy or suffer a scratch from the little box cutter he’s pointing at her.

    Mom has two choices – kill the little guy with the box cutter, or wait until she and her child are vaporized when the plane strikes a block of cement at 600 miles a half hour latter.

    Common sense tells me, if the passengers on that plane are like any of my neighbors and family, would be dead before the next beat of heart.

    Box cutter? Really:)

    Jones always suspect – Loose change – heard suggestions they were psyop – mostly from competitors.

    Don’t matter – there’s enough now – I am waiting for our non-political employees in the agencies we pay for to make a mass citizen arrests. They have a bunch of the evidence.

    Would that be enough. Kevin Phillips worked for Reagan, suggested the republic needs a god flushing and a good dose of justice visa vi a “provisional government”.

    Maybe we work on a full page NYT, and very convincing proposal that congress write an emergency law to establish a provisional governing body formed by a representatives selected by rank and file non political agency employees. Non political legal staff in the court could serve as limited juror/advisers. The law will include a provision that all political employees at any level surrender passports, professional licenses, bank and investment authorities and records of all their immediate family (means supreme court too. The act will abolish capital punishment. Repeal all executive orders and agency orders. The drones will be grounded. Mercenaries will turn in their guns (or else). The act will require the cancellation of all non essential and all private security contractors and require security contractors to turn in all weapons in their inventory to the provisional council. The act will require they resign their political service and submit to house arrest for suspicion of treason under custody of the commons. We’ll feed em health care em question them offer them stuff if they have the common sense to provide evidence, names, dates amounts and any players and participants in crimes against the constitution of the united states.

    The DHS would be shut down. During provisional governance, the uniformed services employees returning from abroad could manage any needed security and provide support.

    How to motivate is the question: One suggestion was to offer a scene, like in a movie, where some CSPAN white shod dandy in shorts and a t-shirt was sitting in a pool of blood as his hands desperately tried to prevent intestines from spilling out a ten inch gut slash. He was being held erect by his hair in the hand of a really pissed off American Rebel Army Guy. His head is forced to view the foyer where another nothing left to loose ARA redneck asshole positions his whimpering children in a pool of their dead mother’s piss and feces. Then, as he painfully blacks out and dies from a freshly slashed throat, he last pleasure is enjoying an opera of screams as his children beg for the mercy of the gates of hell while their little skulls are turned to steak tartar with a rifle butt.

    Maybe more graphic – that imagery is not my hope – shit happens – and what we got here is a system wide spread on going multi generation violation of the hopes, aspirations, future and health of the republic. The republic – as have Greece, Italy (but not Iceland), and others, have been plundered wall street economic hit squads under protection of our political class employees.

    Never for iceland – one mention of a tax payer sale out to IMF or WB and a Greece like Re-org of the US will get you gutted and hung from a tree lining the national mall is a message that needs to be shared with the white shod CSPAN dandies until justice fixes it. Besides – DHS has built all those nice prisons – plenty of parking space for their fat asses while they wait to make the docket!

    Ur humble narrators position – the tumor will kill itself very soon now – but my school is a lot smaller than the other less civil, but nonetheless, valid, though violent, schools of remedy.

    We are not consumers. We have been and will always be the producers. Government is a cost center – government is a consumer. Banks are not producers, they are drop boxes. Wealth cannot be created.

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  • AnotherAmericanAsshole

    You’re a victim of the current iteration of the old “divide and conquer” chattel control psyop that’s been in and out of history for generations. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, prognosis is good. We all have are or will have to endure the detox.

    At the end of the blame game issue of zionist or zionist jew or ashkenazi jew or christian fundalmentalist banksters politicians democrats republicans lame stream journalism blah blah etc etc path, there is a mirror. When one looks in the mirror one sees the party responsible for everything. If the reflect looks like you, then click your heels together three times and say “It is my fault this bullshit is going on. My fault lakes of blood bubble up like oil in the sands of the middle east. My fault that a drone in the sky can legally assassinate me without cause … etc.

    The reason we all go through that is 1) we did not see the War Usury take control of our government because it is a process from a plan some weird strain of genetic psychopathy, despite our ancestors best efforts to live up to of their custodial responsibilities could not contain or isolate the strain effectively. The strain, as it passed through time would pantomime any behaviors and profess loyalty to whatever institutions their intended victims felt most comfortable with. Today that strain seems to have chose the Jewish and Christian faiths for their base of operations and are using false reads of those two canons to manufacture the same shit that ‘s been going on since Alexander: Bleed and plunder the indigenous franchisees of the middle east and fund it with faith based fraud and extortion and use christians and jews as shields with false claims of affiliation.

    Christians and Jews just want to have fun and be loved like everyone else – but now – least z-nuff to fill the tv lens, a few functionally weak claimants, empowered by their conditioned fears and dominion heresies – conditioned by that nasty strain of psychopathy that looks human and has easily eluded humanities’ efforts to contain for aeon’s, our afflicted brethren, weak jews and christians, with some cattle prodding from their respective sayans, find it easy to engage the call of blood rut mob rage frenzy as rigteous cause for genocide fueled by false sense of dominion heresy .

    We’re at the point we need to be thinking about a solution – like years ago – so finish up whatever you need to. A claim of franchise has a bag full of responsibilities. Our moment is desperate. We need to hustle on this `un and come together – sounds like something heard long ago …

    Easiest self evident metaphors for the natural right of individual franchise is a mantra written by a Rabbi 2000 years ago that corporate churches miss imply as a claim by the Rabbi the he is a divinity (NOT) Goes sumpin like “I am the king of kings” Ain’t no claim. Say it to yourself when looking in the mirror. It says you me everybody has right of domain. Of course that also means your domain can’t claim mine and my domain can’t claim or interfere with yours. A domain franchise is nontransferable – you can’t sell it. The king of kings bit is the same reason we employ public servants – to manage the commons assets, infra structure and authorizations for expenditures. The king of long ago was also a public servant if he wanted to keep his head.

    Without king, the commons would survive. Without the commons the king will die. We own the King is the jest of it. Golden rule is same except it does not include anything about civil service (the kings we are all kings of!)

    Prez is not the leader of the free world (orwellian). He is the employed by the commons to make sure the those the commons employ in congress create budgets to maintain the infrastructure belonging to the commons and make sure no one up stream shits in someones downstream water source and not to extend our authorizations for expenditures beyond the budget. Have not had a budget the the War Usury Colony known as the USA for over a decade. Oath violations as far as eye sees. Time to terminate employment agreement.

    During the bail out extortion, 80% of the zillions of calls that flooded our congressional employees bitched no bail out – we say no – the guys who eat from our hand do opposite and say yes. Houston, we have a problem. The buried at sea thing woke a lot of us up.

    Get moving!

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  • hmcgroin

    @AnotherAmericanAsshole (an annonymous -anonymous- one or a non-anonymous one. Or two different people)

    You may be very smart, and have a lot of intelligent points and facts to share with us (Personally, I am always open to the idea of learning from people if they happen to be more knowledgeable about something than I am) but sadly very few of us will ever know.

    One look at the length of your comment, and 99% of us are going to move on without giving it even a cursory glance.

    Just a bit of friendly advice that’s all, not a criticism in any way. More an observation from someone who shares a similar tendency to say something using 100 words, when 10 would suffice.

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  • I think you have done an excellent job. I am sharing it and I will continue to do so. I will be back to watch it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything….well to see what I missed would be more accurate.

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  • brett

    I think you’re totally wrong about your analysis of the Pentagon attack. It sure wasn’t a large commercial plane as there was one small engine found that didin’t match a commercial airline engine on top of the fact that there was hardly any of the exterior plane parts found. Also the eyewitnesses inside all reported the smell of cordite (explsives) on top of the fact that there were a couple of eyeywitnesses that reported seeing a plane fly over the top of the pentagon a second after the explosion was felt on the opposite side of the building. You need to get your facts straight before you try to make up your own theories…..other than that i don’t have a problem with this video.

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  • Dolores Jennings

    Forget about 911, Its the Zionazi controlled FED that needs to be taken down, . Take them down and Israel and theZios go down. Go get em BRICS.

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  • […] conclusions were predetermined by necons in the Bush administration. chalkboardwarrior & http://undergrounddocumentaries.com/war-by-deception-2013-full-version/ It also shows where other 9/11 Truthers get it wrong (see his breakdown of Loose Change’s error […]

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