The Unending War (Full Version: Playlist)

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Rating: 4.5/5 (31 votes cast)

This documentary recounts the story of the veterans who withdrew from the US army after realizing the truth to the made-up excuses of the US for Iraq & Afghanistan wars.


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Rating: 4.5/5 (31 votes cast)
The Unending War (Full Version: Playlist), 4.5 out of 5 based on 31 ratings

16 comments to The Unending War (Full Version: Playlist)

  • Aelfric

    so you actually *need* someone to explain to you that it is WRONG to go fight another man’s war for him, with your interest in the whole matter completely subordinated and ignored. this doesn’t simply click in your mind and soul, you NEED someone to go thru the baby steps slowly and carefully explaining to you the MAGNITUDE OF THE WRONGNESS of fighting any man”s war for him, despite anything he says to shore up his position or agenda. but now, i am supposed to sit thru the whining and sorrowful sob story of those who chose to blithely ignore the obvious, and this is helpful how? how is this beneficial?

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  • Duane

    AMEN! to Aelfric. For a supposedly “Christian” base, Western civilization is seriously lacking in fundamental ethics and morality.

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  • Bob Marshall

    The majority of Americans knew the Iraq war was based on lies and so was the U.S. military’s slaughter of Saddam’s Rovolutionary guard as well as thousands of men, wome, and children as they were retreating from Kuwait waving small white flags. revenge is apowerful motive for these actions.

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    Mark Passio – Free Your Mind Conference 2011
    U.S. Soldiers & COPS – YOU SERVE THE 1% – WAKE THE F#@$ UP!


    Operation Vampire Killer 2012


    The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope

    Even US Soldiers are Waking up to the New World Order

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  • BooBoo

    Lets get this straight, there are still people in this country that actually believe they are fighting for our freedom. To those of us who have our eyes wide open, we think this is incredulous. But the fact is, it’s not ridiculous and these kids think they are doing what the American people want and that they are being their highest form as a patriot. You have to take them aside and show them easily and compassionately because all they see are their friends getting killed and people like you being ungrateful for their sacrifice. I know, I have experience, I used to be one of them.

    They need to be mentored away from their blind faith to see the corruption. I used to be like them, I used to think people who think like you are nuts, but evidence sways people, so does compassion. (that is what swayed me) If you want to change them, use evidence not ridicule and be compassionate and methodical till they fully understand.

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    • kender

      let’s get something straight….”boo-boo” you think you deserve “compassion” when you gave none? how many iraqi boys did you sodomize to force their parents to talk? how many INNOCENT people did you kill in order to “preserve freedom” you really believed that rubbish? that you were “fightin the good fight”??? wow, all i can i say is if you are that brain-dead, its no wonder why we are losing TWO wars . so glad that you FINALLY saw the light….convenient that you saw it AFTER the damage has been done. gee, you think that maybe, just maybe if you had ASKED questions before shooting, that…uh, well golly gee, things might have turned out differently? sorry, i have no compassion for monsters, and that is what you associate yourself with, who you walk with….MONSTERS. evil, sick demons from the pit of hell. and now, you seek ….what? understanding? forbearance? COMPASSION???? after what you have been involved in???
      fuck you, “boo-boo” ….what kind of a fag name is that anyway? were you with the marines or something?

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  • Paul

    Thanks Kender. You can be full of aggressive righteousness, but in the end there’s still the “Fags” to take a pot-shot at. Are you really so much the better person?

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  • Cap

    Kender. I am in total agreement with you. Compassion for serial killers? What the …. ? Did Mason get compassion on his execution day? Serial killers like Boo Boo (a sound you would make when trying to imitate pigs in Japan) deserve the chair. Double fry those baby killers, sodomizers, marines, and the rest of you bozos in the military…I hope you’ll all rot in hell for all of your crimes…sickos!!

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    • Got to love those people rating me negatively…Must be Americans. Since when the aggressor are becoming victims and deserve our understanding? Fry killers!! No compassion for killers. Final!

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  • America didn’t learn much from Vietnam, huh.

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  • no Jojo

    Get real folks–Americans that enlist in the military-most are in it for the sport of killing–watching hearing bombs and rattling of gun fire go off. Most Americans are evil-why? Very simple,they think they are better than any other people. USA has always been pirating, looting other nations since 1776 and have killed millions upon millions. If they keep it up–China will teach them a leason–USA will resemble berlin 1944

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  • Sarah

    Just because we are “Americans” doesn’t mean we are the good guys….We live in a bubble……I am so sad to think of it… is man no matter where he is from. Most Americans don’t even realize what “freedom” costs….or that it is all a lie.

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  • they distort certainty at 02:50 in reference to cameraman shot by Apache gunship “they mistake it as an R.P.G.”.

    How can we be certain? Because Assange offers a video with troops saying ‘ew ew, hes got an rpg’???

    The only 100% truth knowable is that the “they [SEEMINGLY] mistake it as an R.P.G.”

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