Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1

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The quest for power is the primary driving force of history, always has been, always will be. Those who fail to recognize this principle are not spared in the grand chess game, but rather are moved and manipulated by forces that they do not understand.

From the perspective of those who dominate the board it is obviously preferable to have a population of ignorant pawns than it is to have an array of opponents which are capable of mounting an effective resistance. To that end it has always been in the interest of the ruling class to cultivate illusions which obscure the true nature of the game.

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Rating: 3.7/5 (38 votes cast)
Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power - Part 1, 3.7 out of 5 based on 38 ratings

5 comments to Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1

  • Gerald Phollips

    Food for thought!

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  • angela

    excellent stuff.
    you’re really providing a blistering factual trail of these bastards.
    Just listen to ’em cackle as they talk about “taking ’em out” or, “nope, no weapons over here.”
    Ha ha. (you fuckers r going to swallow that shit one day. I’m betting you choke).

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  • Unfortunately Kennedy is quoted out of context. In this film the viewer is led to believe Kennedy is speaking of a conspiracy within the US, when instead he is speaking about communism. This is all very clear and leaves no room for doubt when you read the whole speech:

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    • truthseeker

      @fred :
      have u ever read the whole speech without comment?
      Do u know about the cuba crisis (the CIA attacking Cuba with its private Army without presidential consent) and the relations between Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover and Lee Harvey Oswald that followed??
      If this speech is about communism, i’m from mars.

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    • truthseeker

      I have just read the content of that link again:
      that is not even a good try to misslead people. The only thing in this speech even remotely pointing to communism is “It conducts the cold war”.
      The cold war was mainly a military industrial war, meaning it was about building more and bigger weapons. So it stands to reason that the banks and the military industrial complex “conducted the cold war” because they were the only once standing to gain anything.
      That is why Kennedy wanted to close down not only the CIA but also the FED.

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