Oklahoma City: What Really Happened? (Full Version)

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Overview of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing case created by State Representative Charles Key. This important film takes a look at the major issues regarding the cover-up by the Clinton Administation, FBI and Justice Department. Includes eyewitness testimonies, evidence of other bombs found and prior knowledge of the attack.

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Rating: 3.5/5 (16 votes cast)
Oklahoma City: What Really Happened? (Full Version), 3.5 out of 5 based on 16 ratings

5 comments to Oklahoma City: What Really Happened? (Full Version)

  • William

    Don’t you find it “odd” that we are invading, bombing, what-all, Afghanistan and Iraq ……. but NOTHING WHATSOEVER was done about Sanilac County and it’s resident Extremists!?
    Sanilac county Sheriff Virgil Strickler was BFF and business partner with David Rydel, “commandant” of the “united States Theatre Command” militia which is named in the FBI “Project Megiddo” report for Y2K. LOUD explosions on the Nichols farm were repeatedly reported to Strickler, So what do you know! when the Feds raided the farm the evidence was cleaned up. The FIRST person James Nichols wanted to talk to was Strickler, which he did BEFORE talking to the FEDS. James was welcomed as a HERO when he was released from Federal custody.
    The Feds did a criminally irresponsible job of investigating Sanilac county, and the Militia Culture permeating it. There were TWO militias up there. (1) The CITIZENS Militia, with 85 year old Hattie Farley, which OPPOSED the Sheriff and the “Good Old Boys” and (2) The violence prone, RACIST, PRO-sheriff “element”.
    The “support network” for the bomb extended to the very top of Sanilac County Government and Society.

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  • alli

    The very morning the Murrah building imploded (exploded) I was at a friend’s house watching several news stations on cable TV show the building go down (over and over again). I said to her,”Why are we able to see this? Who knew this was going to happen and filmed this precisely at the correct moment?” “Who would be in the right places at the right moment to take such accurate video AS THE BUILDING COLLAPSED unless they already knew this was going to happen?” I have never heard anyone nor seen any news reporter since the event ask this question that I did on that morning. So, if the Murrah building was supposed to be such a surprise but clearly through instant videos was not and filmed precisely as the event happened why was not there EVER a full and truthful investigation required by the public? Are we so programmed by TeeVee and movies that the general public does not wonder how the actual building going down on video was captured rather than the surprise happened and all we should have gotten on news video would have been the fallen rubble after news teams were informed and arrived not set up prior to the falling building?

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  • Lucifer's bobsled

    If the truth about what happened in Oklahoma City had ever come out, 9/11 might never have happened. Those people who were responsible for both of these events, are now setting up for the next one. (and when that happens, they will have the FBI to cover it up!) Wake up America!

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