JFK: The Lost Bullet (Full Version)

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It’s been called the most important pieces of film evidence of all time.

Locked away in the vaults of the National Archives, the original Zapruder film that captured the vital 11 seconds of President John F Kennedy’s assassination sits tattered and untouchable.

Using exclusive eyewitness testimony, as well as newly restored, and in some cases, never-before-seen images of the shooting, JFK: The Lost Bullet is a one-off special which investigates the assassination.

This National Geographic film, in its myriad and often clandestine incarnations, has been presented as conclusive evidence to support just about every conceivable theory of the assassination.

For nearly 50 years experts have poured over crude copies of this extraordinary film for clues as to what really took place in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

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Rating: 2.9/5 (13 votes cast)
JFK: The Lost Bullet (Full Version), 2.9 out of 5 based on 13 ratings

7 comments to JFK: The Lost Bullet (Full Version)

  • starviego

    “Some” witnesses didn’t say the shot came from the grassy knoll–between 2/3s and 3/4s of the witnesses who gave an opinion said that’s where the shots came from. In addition, evidence shows as many as 8 or 9 shots were fired. So to concentrate on 3 is a canard from the beginning. And of course they have no explanation for the backward head snap. This video is the usual artful disinformation.

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  • CEO,citizens eyes open

    National Geographic is a bought and paid for shill of the government and has exactly zero moral or journalistic ethics or standards. If I feel the need to expose myself to some bull-shit propaganda, I’ll buy a copy of USA today or the Weekly Standard, time spent on this “conclusive evidence”, goose egg,ceo

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  • There are MAJOR problems with this film:
    (1) Governor Connally had many more wounds than are discussed in this film;
    (2) showing that the Grassy Knoll is “empty” completely avoids the evidence of a shooter positioned behind the picket fence at the top of that Grassy Knoll: it’s ridiculous to argue that such a shooter would have been standing out in the open where he would have been visible to numerous eyewitnesses, and that there was no shooter in that location because the grassy area is empty: reductio ad absurdum;
    (3) photographic restoration of the Polaroid photo taken by Mary Moorman, standing near the curb to JFK’s left, has revealed a tall man, probably dressed in a Dallas Police uniform, pointing a rifle at JFK; that photograph was taken within a fraction of a second of the arrival of the head shot;
    (4) the latter is consistent with testimony that this man aka “Badge Man” had put his hat back on, by the time other police arrived at his position behind the picket fence;
    (5) at a press conference given by Assistant Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff that same day, at Parkland Hospital, Kilduff uses his right hand to point to his right temple, to indicate the point at which the head shot entered JFK’s cranium: at 0:20 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V73-unR1Rq4
    (6) yes, the sharp movement of JFK’s cranium back and to the left — back and to the left — totally refutes the main thesis of this documentary;
    (7) this documentary tries to argue that the red “mist,” recorded as the head shot enters JFK’s cranium, proves that this shot came from the rear: this would not necessarily happen if a bullet like a hollow-point .3006 hunting round caused JFK’s head to explode instantaneously, which is clearly evident in the Zapruder film;
    (8) there is an immense amount of evidence assembled by David Lifton, in his book “Best Evidence,” to show that JFK’s head had been sectioned by the time it reached the autopsy facility at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland; it was his conclusion that the scalpel work was done to make it “appear” that the head shot came from the rear, when it did not.

    Oliver Stone shot almost 1,000 hours of film before editing his “JFK” down to about 190 minutes: I fully expect that Stone could easily shred this National Geographic attempt to whitewash the Warren Commission’s highly suspicious explanation.

    Sincerely yours,
    /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
    Private Attorney General

    p.s. there is no statute of limitations for murder.

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  • Jct: Proof that the magic bullet hit both Kennedy and Connally! Har har har. They skipped the part where Connally was still holding his stetson hat AFTER his hand was supposed to have been hit and crippled. Har har har. Still trying to make the sheople believe the Magic Bullet waited until Connally had turned back to the front before then hitting him too! Har har har. And to come out in pristine condition after hitting all the bones of two men? Har har har. National Geographic history is bunk!

    31:48 “Two cartridges were together and one was further away.”
    Jct: Yet, Officer Roger Craig who found them said all three were just inches apart! So they tried to replicate the grouping of ejected shell casings! Har har har. I’ll bet 1,000:1 they don’t all land within a couple of inches! And he testified the casings were from a 7.62mm Mauser, the Carcano rifle was 6.5mm. Har har. I’m uploading the Youtube of Roger Craig’s testimony from “Expert Witness to the Kennedy assassination – Killed

    25:29 Don’t these National Geographic dolts know that Gerald Ford admitted moving the bullet hole from Kennedy’s back up to his neck? Or are they betting the viewing booboisie won’t know? Using Ford’s Fraudulent Picture with the hole in the wrong place to prove their point. Har har har. National Geographic Losers! And a head shot from the back wouldn’t blow the back of his skull out the back of his head! Har har. The motorcycle cop in back got spattered with brains. Har har har.

    “43:00 “Did you shoot the President.” “I didn’t shoot anybody.”
    Jct: I believe Lee Harvey Oswald was a government agent trying to prevent the assassination who got patsied. A voice stress truth analyzer might not jive with the pretext. I’d bet that after 75 years when the truth may be allowed to come out, there’s little chance they will have left any there! That’s why National Geographic can put their name on this kind of trash, so few know and so many are misled by the authoritative name!

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  • wrong about the last shot. it was actually two shots one from the back and one from the front at the same time. look up robert harris the last shot on you tube he does an excellent job at analyzing all of the shots from first to last.

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