How The Media Lies (Full Version)

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This eye opening long documentary film elaborates on the discovery of American media lies by comparing how news are delivered to the US population and to other countries around the world. The film provides a striking comparison of U.S. and international media coverage of the crisis in the ME zeroing in on how structural distortions in U.S. coverage have reinforced false perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for example. This pivotal documentary exposes how the foreign policy interests of American political elites–oil, and a need to have a secure military base in the region, among others–work in combination with Israeli public relations strategies to exercise a powerful influence over how news from the region is reported.

Through the voices of scholars, media critics, peace activists, religious figures, and Middle East experts, the documentary carefully analyzes and explains how–through the use of language, framing and context–the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza remains hidden in the news media, and Israeli colonization of the occupied territories appears to be a defensive move rather than an offensive one. The documentary also explores the ways that U.S. journalists, for reasons ranging from intimidation to a lack of thorough investigation, have become complicit in carrying out Israel’s PR campaign. At its core, the documentary raises questions about the ethics and role of journalism, and the relationship between media and politics.


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Rating: 4.4/5 (21 votes cast)
How The Media Lies (Full Version), 4.4 out of 5 based on 21 ratings

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  • It is I only

    Do not believe anything, until it’s officially denied!

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  • mozebyc

    Ron Paul and the Tampa Convention

    August 27, 2012

    Ron Paul, one of the two main candidates for the Republican party nomination, is not being allowed to speak at his party convention in Tampa because he refused to accept the dictates of the party bosses that he submit his speech to party censors beforehand, and that he support their chosen candidate – Mitt Romney. Where have we seen such undemocratic demands made of politicians before? These demands are more typical of a totalitarian state than of a political party in a free and democratic system. On Sunday, August 26, at his “We Are The Future” rally, Dr. Paul gave the speech the totalitarian GOP party bosses did not want America to hear.

    “…to promote the cause of liberty in a revolutionary spirit.”
    – Ron Paul, August 26, 2012

    Ron Paul’s complete speech with introduction by Senator Rand Paul
    URL Link –

    The upcoming Republican convention in Tampa, August 27-30, promises to be a key event in American political history. The GOP convention in Tampa will be the scene of a battle for control of the Republican party and the White House. The struggle will be between patriotic freedom-loving supporters of Dr. Ron Paul and the Zionist-funded criminal faction that supports Mitt Romney.

    Justin Raimondo of expects the GOP to employ “The Iron Fist in Tampa” against supporters of Ron Paul:

    The extraordinary hostility of the GOP hierarchy to Ron Paul and his supporters hardly comes as a shock: Paul is, after all, the single most trenchant critic of our interventionist foreign policy since William Jennings Bryan, and he is the War Party’s deadly enemy. To the servitors of the military-industrial complex, the foreign lobbyists, and would-be Napoleons of the neocon persuasion who hold the reins of power in the GOP, he is the Devil Incarnate. So unwelcome is Paul’s presence that I doubt they’ll even allow him on the convention floor, even given that his more pliable son is one of the speakers. And you can bet Rand Paul’s speech will be vetted under a magnifying glass well in advance: these are people who hate surprises.

    For all their talk of “freedom” in the abstract, when it comes to their own party, the Republicans are ruthless authoritarians: we’re about to see that demonstrated in Tampa.

    The Romney faction is supported with millions of dollars of illegal funds, much of it coming from the Zionist extremist and international casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. The Romney faction has clearly engaged in massive criminal vote fraud during the Republican primaries in order to try and sideline Ron Paul and secure the nomination for Mitt Romney. The criminal faction behind Romney will stop at nothing in getting the nomination for their candidate and preventing Paul supporters from having their say in the convention. Tampa also happens to be the home of Central Command, the military command center for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Things are likely to get very nasty in Tampa.

    The Zionist criminal faction dominates the Republican National Committee (RNC) and is seeking to continue the “War on Terror” agenda that President George W. Bush started after 9-11. This is the agenda that brought us two disastrous wars in the Middle East and a police state mentality in America. This is the faction that is pushing us to war in Syria and Iran. Most significantly, the Zionists who control the RNC are involved in the false-flag terrorism of 9-11.

    The perpetrators of 9-11, the real terrorist masterminds behind the terror atrocity that changed America, are being protected by the secret cabal that controls the White House. The gang that is running the illegal wars and the fraudulent “War on Terror” is the same gang that carried out 9-11. The terrorists behind 9-11 have to maintain tight control of the White House and the political process to prevent a proper investigation for being carried out. It reminds me of how they killed Robert Kennedy to prevent him from becoming president and finding the killers of his brother. The 9-11 cover-up has to be maintained. 9-11 is as important in 2012 as it was in 2002. Solving 9-11 remains the single most important issue facing the American people.

    The Zionists who took over the RNC include Lewis Eisenberg, the former executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Eisenberg became finance chairman of the RNC shortly after 9-11. Eisenberg was director of the Port Authority, which owned the World Trade Center, on 9-11, and had served as the head of Governor Whitman’s (NJ) privatization board, just like Ronald Lauder did for Governor Pataki in New York. Together, these two Zionists convinced the governors of the two states to privatize the World Trade Center, an essential part of the conspiracy to destroy the Twin Towers and usher in the fraudulent “War on Terror”.

    Eisenberg was the person who was responsible for the lease of the WTC going to Larry Silverstein and his Israeli commando buddy, Frank Lowy, at the end of July 2001. The rest is history. Eisenberg is a co-chair of Romney’s Florida Finance Team.

    The following video clip explains how the RNC is breaking its own rules to try and push Dr. Paul off the scene in Tampa. Paul supporters will not be content with a film tribute to the man who is the most popular presidential candidate of our time. Anything could happen during the next five days in Tampa. Ron Paul could even win the nomination; it has happened before.

    Lewis M. Eisenberg on the history of the Port Authority, owner and operator of the World Trade Center:

    Sources and Recommended Reading:

    Bollyn, Christopher, “The Criminal Plot to Stop Ron Paul,” December 29, 2011 (updated in March 2012)

    “Lewis Eisenberg is an Angel,” YouTube, July 25, 2011

    The Solving 9-11 Books

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  • Harriet

    Thank you for supporting this site. Please spread the news about these excellent videos.

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