Holodomor: The Ukrainian Holocaust of 1933

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The killing of 10 million Christians by the Jewish Bolsheviks under Joseph Stalin 1932-1933 in Ukraine. These events are also known as Holodomor.

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Rating: 4.3/5 (81 votes cast)
Holodomor: The Ukrainian Holocaust of 1933, 4.3 out of 5 based on 81 ratings

35 comments to Holodomor: The Ukrainian Holocaust of 1933

  • Richard guillemette

    This is an outragous statement.No doubt that russia starved ukraine.No doubt that jews were influential in russia. But the holodomor is not a jewish controlled event.history is a lot more complicated than that

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  • james tough

    Alexandre Solzenitzyn would vociferously disagree; but I do not think his opus will ever be printed in English. Simply because it is factual about the ” Bolshevik Revolution” being ENTIRELY jewish! And is unassailable, hence the ban in English of it’s MOST important message. It’s TRUE!!!

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  • VIncent

    Holodomorr was never an issue until after WW2. It is a thing that certainly did happenen, but it was picked up for propaganda purposes by USA in the 50’s in order to deminize Stalin’s USSR.
    During the exact same period as the Holodomorr, in North America there was the great recession that killed off a great many lower-class citizens. All over the world the 30’s period was riddled with tragic losses for humanity.

    As children of the future we have to look at the past with a certain perspective removed from bias and propaganda if we want to learn from the mistakes of our predecessors.

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    • Pulsa Denura

      The difference is that the Holodomor was a deliberate extermination. As children of the future we need to not just look back at what happened and say, “Oh well, it happened.” We need to look at the real reasons why these things happened and make active effort in preventing the patterns from repeating.

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  • John

    John 8:44

    “They live” and now rule the U.S.A. as well.

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  • Bryan

    In the Shadow of Hermes


    This one covers it going back to Trotsky, and Lenin

    to Stalin. Must see. Very comprehensive.

    The movie is a few scrolls down the linked page’s introductory text.

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  • jojo

    Chile, Poland, Darfur, Sudan, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Uganda, Rwanda Armenia……all “HOlocausts” …..millions of innocent dead….anyone notice what they have in commoon?
    Vast majority: Catholics…..We know better than to blame the Jews…..they have faced the same fate…..the samd forces who are behind these things love to play one religion against another and blame “religion” for it! Religions that preach against violence….unlike their philosophies

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  • Dan

    A documentary which will never be shown on the “History” Channel or any of the mainstream outlets. They are too busy showing nonsense about “Ancient Aliens” , how WWII was a ‘good’ war, or Jewish claims of suffering…demonstrating who runs the Western mainstream media.

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  • There will be NO PEACE until there is the RULE OF LAW BASED ON JUSTICE FOR ALL. We can not continue to hate the Deutschen People, hunt them down to the end of time so we can bring them to justice & not do the same thing for people who committed the Holodomor. Selective justice is injustice. Selective justice has become an eternal persecution & racism against the Deutschen People. By not bringing to justice the people who have committed the Holodomor, we encouraged criminals to commit more of these crimes. By applying selective justice we have divided the world into unworthy victims & the worthy victims. Until we see all people equal before the Law we will continue to perpetuate hatred & more Holodomors.

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  • Dave

    Don’t expect to see any movies about this much greater, unembellished holocaust that killed millions of Christians by Steven “Spielberg” or Roman “Polanski”.

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    And unlike WW2 these deaths are documented!

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  • let me know when the cry of AntiApostolic barrages through the speaking world

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  • Code words: soviets, communists, russians etc. all for the jewish boshevik regime at this period of time

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  • alsm

    Leaders of Ukraine in 1929-1933:
    Kosior (jew), Hataevich (jew), Ieguda (jew). Actually Communist party in the USSR consisted of two blocks:
    1) Jews (trotskists)- made the revolution and ruled 1917-1937 in SU (now they ruling in USA);
    2) All other (stalinists). Overthrown trotskists in

    and built superpower. However trotskists made a comeback in

    when Andropov (jew) replaced Brejnev and found gorbachev (jew)

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  • Pasparal da Beira

    The Holodomor is a Ukrainian word for a man-made famine, the hallucinatory man-made famine of

    that was supposedly directed at the Ukrainian nation for their resistance to collectivization. But there was no Holodomor. It never happened. There was no man-made famine. There was a famine, but no Holodomor.


    the USSR saw a famine harvest partly caused by a wheat rust epidemic that spread through the area all the way to Bulgaria. The correct figure may never be known, but 5.5 million may have died across the USSR of the famine and its effects.

    million died in Siberia. There even were many deaths in Moscow.

    With the opening of the Soviet archives, tens of thousands of pages have been diligently sifted through. Nowhere, not even a footnote on a single page, is there any mention of any orders given for a man-made famine in the Ukraine.


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    • So your saying Russia never encompassed Ukraine (much like like Israel doesnt encompass Palistine) and blocked supplies from entering the region and

      million starved to death in the Ukraine because of “wheat rust”?
      Typical hasbara poppycock “sifted” from Soviet archives…gee, i wonder who wrote those archives?

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  • profnasty

    Of the many vids and photos of the ‘holocaust’, one is of prisoners being headshot and falling into burial pits. We believe this event happened in Ukraine and was revenge, on Bolshevik jews, for Holodomor. The Jews use the vid to compound German guilt. In truth, it was justified.

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  • sandy rausch

    It did happen. My mom and her friend told me that they had horse-drawn wagons doing thru villages, house to house, picking up dead bodies from starvation. People were eating the bark off the trees. My grandfather, in

    was shot dead in the head, for not wanting to join the communist party. My dad, who was

    at the time, was told by my mother, to go and find his dad. He found him, a week later in the forest. He recognized him by the boots that he wore. He went back to the village, asked his aunt for help and together they carried his body back to the village for burial. My dad, till the day he died, hated the communists.

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  • Jarheadusmc

    Of the

    highest officials in the First Soviet Communist Government of Russia,

    were Jews. Alexandr Solzenitzyn writes in his last history of Russia that the Jews murdered over

    million Russians alone. Jewish writers, historians, Rabbi’s, etc have in great numbers admitted and have bragged that they are the originators of Communism. Mark, Engels, Trotsky, Bakunum, Stalin, Kreuchev, were all Jews on both or one side of their parents.

    My family came from what is called the German Ukraine, from the Beresian Colonies just north of Odessa; we still have letters from our relatives who wrote of the Jews/Bolsheviks murdering our families, my father and grandfather passed on stories of how the Jews murdered with no mercy anyone who was Christian, especially Catholic.

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  • It is I only

    Then they were yiddish speaking komissars. Today they will be hebrew speaking komissars!

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  • carroll price

    Following a total Jewish take-over of England’s banking system in the late 1700s (which continues to this day) Jews were instrumental in starving-to-death over

    million Irish Catholics via the Irish Potato Famine of the 1840s.

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    • joe

      Actually they took over the financial system in

      when they deposed Mary and installed their own king William III a German prince living in Denmark. They finally got complete control of Britain in

      when they took over parliament and ended the

      year banning of Jews from England. Otherwise they would still be banned today

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  • Koolz

    http://www.tomatobubble.com has great and easy way to understand real history and how the Jews(Israel) created and funded WWII

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  • Red Dawson.

    The fact that this has happened proves the jewish people are Anti-christhetic. They should have to pay the reparations to families of those murdered. They killed more christians than the number of jews the nazis killed . They should pay hospitalization bills of survivors like the German people did to them. They should formerly apologize, and return the possessions of the murdered.

    Oh yeah, thats right there are no Christian organizations like the ADL. There is no one with balls to even stop their current Murder/ Holocaust of the Palestinian people. Or any other Goyim that has life. Or the progression of NWO.

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    • joe

      Did the Nazis actually kill any Jews? Nazis had over 150,000 Jewish officers. Would they kill Jews? And, taken from the website of the American Jewish Committee but since removed: Jews in Europe before the war 8,039,608, Jews in Europe after the war 9,372,668.

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  • arthur webb

    Pity the video makers, instead of making a documentary, decided to make a musical entertainment video, to my mind, a little perverse for enjoyment but still a shame and even sad that they even bothered.

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  • Andrew Thomas

    I didn’t know anything about holodomor until watching this…. They say that Stalin killed

    million of his own people during his dictatorship, the total absence of humanity in the man is astonishing. But here we are,

    years later, again putting economics ahead of humanity and idly watching while the new Stalin, Vladimir Putin, puts Ukraine to the sword. Wake up, the rest of the world, and stop him!

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  • It is I only

    The difference in today & then Ukrainian Holodomor is that, then the psycho implementing the Holodomor on Ukrainian were speaking yiddish, & today the Holodomor to come to the Ukrainian people is implemented by psychopaths speaking hebrew !

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