Gaddafi – The Truth About Libya (Full Version)

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Rating: 4.4/5 (42 votes cast)

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Have Your Say! Rate This Film!
Rating: 4.4/5 (42 votes cast)
Gaddafi - The Truth About Libya (Full Version), 4.4 out of 5 based on 42 ratings

14 comments to Gaddafi – The Truth About Libya (Full Version)

  • marcus

    This film not available in Germany. Of course it is not. The government does not know what killers they really were. All for the gold and oil

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  • If any country was jealous of America’s freedoms,
    they would have blown up
    the Stature of Liberty
    instead of the Twin Towers.

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  • Millions of Americas are capable of critical thinking.They have been so brain washed by the corporate controlled news media they can’t think for themselves.

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  • RoosterVT

    Turns out most of the people who killed 3k Americans were Saudi Arabian not Iraqi. Must be a small fact to be overlooked…

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  • RoosterVT, the patsies were Arab, but don;t forget those Mossad agents arrested after being spotted cheering and clapping while the towers fell. According to a government source quoted by Fox News’ Carl Cameron, there is evidence linking those Mossad agents to 9-11, but it is classified by the US Government.

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  • Aldo

    Gaddafi’s propaganda machine couldn’t have made a better disinformation film in support of his tyranny and madness.

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    • former marine

      Hey Aldo you might go do some research! Look into who did the pan am flight that crashed into Lockerbie. You will learn it had nothing to do with Libya. But was actually done by our guys in the CIA. They actually killed DEA agents to prevent them from talking about the drugs being flown into our nation thru commercial flights. Furthermore do some research on the actual living conditions before and after Gaddifi became there leader. Lastly look into the relationship of the stories about Gaddifi and Saddam Hussein. Our federal government told the American people the same exact story, that can be easily proven thru our own presidents, congressmen, and tv news media. We have been lied to for many, many years. Rather you like it or not. Get into the truth, seek it no matter where it leads you. Get out of the thinking of siding with party politics, they never seek truth!

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  • Dolores Jennings

    I worked in Libya contracted to Ghaddafff on VIP flight crew in 2002-2003
    Americans are been fed a bunch of BS about Libya and Ghadddaffi. They are disgusting haters .

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  • Richard Braverman

    I was told most of my adult life that Gaddafi was bad, that he was crazy, that he was a terrorist.
    I was told most of my adult life that Saddam Hussein was bad, that he was crazy, that he was a terrorist and that there dozens of mass graves around Iraq.
    But who has done all the killing ?
    Who has done all the lieing ?

    Saddam Hussein killed people, but did he murder one million Iraqis all based on lies?
    Did he use depleted uranium hardened missiles that despersed radioactive dust around the world?
    Did he trash the economy ? Did he waste trillions of dollars and destroy the future of generations of young people ? De he send soldiers half way around the world to force people to live their lives according to his dishonest principles?
    George Bush did.

    Gaddafi killed people, but did he try to steal the wealth of another nation? Did he destroy another nation ? Did he openly and defiantly murder people at will all over the world? Did he turn his eye to monumental theft and corruption practiced by the banking Industry ? Did he standby while an American teenager was mudered onboard a ship to Gaza? Did he order the murder of a sixteen year old American citizen and his friends ? Did he purposefully overturn and disrupt governments which caused the death of over two hundred thousand human beings.
    Barak Obama did.

    When you lay out the facts Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein where more caring and loving human beings than the two war criminals who occupied the white house.

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  • german

    dieser link geht von deutschland aus:

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  • It is amazing to watch and wonder why events happen. I am not sure why the old colonial powers murdered the leader of Libya but I am not sure it matters. What matters is the old colonial powers decided to attack a member of the United Nations. They hired professional killers so their military would not be tarred in the murder of a leader of a nation which was a member of the United Nations. Bush the minor discovered it was easy to attack other nations using the flag of NATO. NATO has no controls on preventing a few mad men taking the military of NATO and attacking a nation not near NATO nations. NATO is now a provider of murderers and it is a shame that it was not retired after the fall of the soviet union. It is a classic case of why organizations can become evil no matter how good they might have been in the past.

    BTW my personal opinion why they attacked Libya is Libya at a few tons of gold. They murdered the leader because they made it sound like it was attacking for good reasons. The real news should have stated we wanted his gold and he could not fight the evil old colonial powers.

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