Corporate Fascism: The Destruction of America’s Middle Class (Full Version)

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2011 – CORPORATE FASCISM explores a new kind of fascism: the merger of corporations and government whereby corporate power dominates. With the emergence of ever-larger multinational corporations — due to consolidation facilitated by the Federal Reserve’s endless FIAT money — the corporatocracy has been in a position to literally purchase the U.S. Congress. As a result, many of the nation’s “laws” have been re-configured to benefit WE THE CORPORATIONS, rather than WE THE PEOPLE. “Laws” like NAFTA and GATT resulted in the outsourcing of the U.S. manufacturing base and the destruction of the Middle Class. This is nothing less than the 1 Percenters abusing the 99 Percenters. Known as “monopoly capitalism,” “crony capitalism,” “mercantilism,” “globalization,” “the new world order,” and/or “free trade” — this is NOT your Grandfather’s capitalism.


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Have Your Say! Rate This Film!
Rating: 3.8/5 (12 votes cast)
Corporate Fascism: The Destruction of America's Middle Class (Full Version), 3.8 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

9 comments to Corporate Fascism: The Destruction of America’s Middle Class (Full Version)

  • Scott Steven

    There were indeed elements of this that I do agree with. A few of these are the idea that “corporate fascists” are attempting to take over America and the world of sovereign nations and control all of our lives; the hugely expensive and debilitating cost of the “military-industrial and congressional complex” on American society; as well as the insidious part the banks have played in ruining this country, and other countries, over the decades and centuries.
    However, I was struck by what seemed to me to be pretty blatant use of propaganda which seemed to be designed to arouse contempt towards a segment, or segments, of our American population.—A “divide and conquer” mentality if you will.
    I refer specifically to the reference to “baby-boomer” as pot-smoking, free lovers who are ignorant of history and its lessons, and who have ignorantly supported misguided Keynesian economic political candidates and their policies over the years.—This to me was enough to discount everything this “documentary” may have said that may have been true.
    I can only ask why would the writers and producers risk alienating a possible huge portion of their potential audience.
    As I see it now, the only purpose for this attack was to serve as a subtle attack on the “entitlement” programs such as “Social Security”, but without coming right out and saying it.
    Social-Security is obviously a primary target of the libertarians who want to dismantle this program, and the “Boomers” are therefore the primary segment of the American population today who support this program and who will stand in their way. Thus, to paint the “boomers” in a less than positive light of inexcusable political ignorance might serve the interests of the makers of this “documentary, who seem to have a definite libertarian bias.
    But may I remind those who produced and wrote the script for this “documentary” that “Social Security” was inaugurated well before any of the “boomers” were even born. “Boomers” had no say in whether or not this program should be instituted. It was the generation that preceded the boomers who had that say.
    Now considering that that generation has lately often been referred to as the “Greatest Generation” that ever lived in America, I think that the writers and producers of this “documentary” thought it not prudent to put the blame on them, and instead chose to put it on the generation which, it seems, lately has become the target for all that is bad with America, even if it doesn’t fit the actual historical chronology. (Who needs a history lesson here?)
    And it seems since “baby-boomers” are largely the segment of America which now will begin to benefit from all the money the “boomers” have put into this program since they started working, it only seems to make sense to libertarians that they should be disparaged for this.
    Well it is my belief that “Boomers” are ENTITLED to this benefit because they have invested their hard earned money into this program for their entire working lives, which for good or bad, was instituted well before most of the “boomers” were even born or conceived, and for which they, later during their working lives, had no choice in the matter.
    Lastly, Austrian economists be damned!
    FDR had the insight to understand that, barring war, programs like Social-Security could help pull the US economy out of the Great Depression and avoid another “Great Depression” in the future. And indeed, it has been argued by many worthy economists, not believers in the Austrian economic theorists, that it was largely due to many of those FDR programs and “regulations” that helped propel the American economy into the most vibrant economy in the history of humanity, starting after WWII. And it has also been argued that it has been the slow, but inexorable, dismantling of many of these programs and regulations, initiated by Ronald Reagan, that has been the root cause for the dire condition the US is in today.—

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  • pocker

    The Communist scum drag everything down to the common lowest denominator, the Fascists try and crawl out of it. See what Hitler did during his Renaissance period, made Germany the strongest country in the world, kicked out all the parasitical Jewish bankers and that is why the war was started. Exactly the same as in the ME now…Kill it before it grows! Leftist crap always thrive on decay, that is why they have turned the world to shit since 1945.

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  • To Scott Steven

    Scott, thanks for what kudos you gave CORPORATE FASCISM however you are mistaken about my motivation for disparaging the BabyBoomers. In order to fully understand this, you will have to watch the sister film to CF such entitled, “CULTURAL MARXISM – The Corruption of America.” This is up at


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  • Dear Concerned Citizen:

    We are in production on a new movie called MOLON LABE — How the Second Amendment Guarantees America’s Freedom.

    This movie is based on the works of Constitutional attorney, EDWIN VIEIRA, JR. and inspired by his forthcoming book, The Sword and Sovereignty. MOLON LABE features RON PAUL, PAT BUCHANAN, EDWIN VIEIRA and G. EDWARD GRIFFIN.

    A JAMES JAEGER film (FIAT EMPIRE, CULTURAL MARXISM), MOLON LABE also features SHERIFF MACK; Oathkeepers Founder, STEWART RHODES; military commander, DAVID R. GILLIE and Senatorial Candidate, JACK ROONEY.

    Taking a deep look at the “right of the People to keep and bear arms” MOLON LABE shows how the Militia play a vital role in creating true homeland security and a free nation.

    Screen a 4-minute trailer at and/or read the narration script at

    If you agree this is a critically important film for Americans to watch and understand, please help us complete the production by donating what you can. Just go to Donations will be acknowledged with producer and other screen credits.

    Thank you very much.



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  • Pat

    Recognizing that companies are nothing but a written charter filed with government should make it easy to recognize that like the ghost of Christmas past, their capacity to haunt America is endless. How to kill a ghost is to recognize it doesn’t exist and never did.

    Why is America fighting something it cannot even see?

    Corporations are methods of doing business that have no place in government except as hired hands. Why this fascist mutiny of the pirates overtaking the ship?

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  • Rwolf

    Can You Survive the Coming U.S. Police Surveillance State?

    Once U.S. Government completes building its multi-billion dollar Surveillance State that will spy on Americans’ every move, it is problematic some in government and the private security complex that (profit) selling the government domestic spying systems, will want to insure the Surveillance Police State is made permanent. That can only be achieved by revoking U.S. Citizens’ right to Vote; Americans could not successfully resist politically or otherwise. Congress has approved thousands of police drones to spy on Americans’. The coming Surveillance Police State will have the ability to read your private email, record your phone calls, track your Internet Activity, spy inside your house, literally follow your every move. TSA can search Americans using any mode of transportation.

    The Military and U.S. Government can now use The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 to arrest and indefinitely detain anyone on U.S. Soil (without evidence) on mere suspicion he or she supported hostilities or terrorism or is a Belligerent; Americans can be—indefinitely detained without right to an attorney or trial because of their alleged associations: Expect in the future, Americans will be afraid to involve themselves with grass-roots causes. Under NDAA, U.S. Government or the President can charge any activity, statement, communication supported or (was directly aligned) with an individual or group that government deemed a threat to National Security to order someone’s arrest; including journalists.

    Provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 opened the door for corrupt U.S. Government agents, police and provocateurs to falsify uncorroborated reports and statements to target any American, group or organization for arrest and indefinite detention. Expect that a U.S. Police Surveillance Government may take out of context, any innocent—hastily written email, fax or phone call to allege a crime or violation was committed to arrest a Citizen, order seizure of their property. There are more than 350 laws and violations that can subject property to government asset forfeiture. Government civil asset forfeiture requires no one be convicted, only a civil preponderance of evidence for police to forfeit property, little more than hearsay. The “Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000” (effectively eliminated) the “five year statue of limitations” for Government Civil Asset Forfeiture: the statute now runs five years (from the date) police allege they “learned” an asset became subject to forfeiture. Under the Patriot Act the Government does not have to disclose the evidence used to forfeit your property. Hidden witnesses can be paid part of the assets their secret testimony causes to be forfeited.

    It is problematic a U.S. Police Surveillance Government State will use no-warrant-spying on Americans’ (electronic, phone and other activities) to arrest and blackmail Americans, including corporations in the manner Hitler used the Gestapo to spy and extort support for the Nazi fascist government: Hitler strong-armed parliament to pass his 1933 Discriminatory Decrees that suspended the Constitutional Freedoms of German Citizens. A Nazi Government threat of “Asset Forfeiture” of an individual or corporation’s property was usually sufficient to ensure Nazi support.

    Some U.S. corporations and their operatives work so closely with U.S. Government and law enforcement to spy on, arrest Americans and forfeit their property, they appear merged with U.S. Government—similar to Hitler’s SS and (private secret police) the Gestapo that merged its police and spy activities with the Reich Government to target German Citizens for arrest and property forfeiture.

    Increasingly the U.S. Government and police are using The War on Terrorism to circumvent the Fourth Amendment, to spy on Americans, record without probable cause or warrants Americans’ electronic communications, financial transactions, phone calls, private emails—track Citizens in real time. Congress and Federal Courts have so weakened the Fourth Amendment e.g. The USA Patriot Act, that Government and law enforcement (without probable cause or warrants) search Citizens’ homes and confidential information in hopes of finding evidence to prosecute Americans in criminal, Civil and Asset Forfeiture Proceedings.

    With the coming U.S. Police Surveillance State expect higher unemployment, the economy to stagnate and huge increases in federal taxes to support the Surveillance State. Government employees will fare better, paid higher salaries and more benefits compared to most working Americans spied on by Government. Often only businesses and individuals connected to the police state government can get government contracts; most everyone else is frozen out.

    Historically unhappy Citizens that fear a Government Police Surveillance State won’t risk investing—in homes, income producing property or buy a business that a police state government can confiscate (without due process). For example U.S. Government can use the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 to charge without evidence that all of a Citizen’s assets are subject to civil government forfeiture under the USA Patriot Act charging a Citizen supported an undefined terrorist act or hostilities, or charge without providing evidence a Citizen’s tenant, visitor or employee committed a crime or violation that made their real property or business subject to government forfeiture. Should a Total Surveillance State take over America, generally a Total Police State follows: expect most tangible assets owned by Americans will depreciate, become difficult to sell. Once large numbers of Citizens fear a police State government, they generally buy only products that are absolutely necessary.

    Historically: Expect corporations and individuals that are protected by a Police Surveillance State that don’t have to fear government or police confiscating their property, will hugely profit purchasing distressed Americans’ real and personal property and government confiscated property. That happened in Nazi Germany after Hitler started enforcing laws he got passed similar to The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that Pres. Obama signed among others.

    It appears problematic at some point, Americans won’t be allowed employment or the right to operate a business unless approved by Homeland Security; and Homeland will prohibit without explanation Americans using pubic and private transportation without Government approval.

    According to news reports, it appears U.S. Government may have its Total Surveillance Police State mostly completed by the end of 2014.

    Read Oct. 8, 2012: FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition system across America
    Read July 26, 2012: Pentagon Will Pay Univ. to Develop Powerful Facial Recog. Software

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  • I think it is high time the people withheld all corporate charters. Imagine the impact!

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