Christian Zionism: The Tragedy and the Turning (Full Version)

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We Hold These Truths has released its 2013, 32 minute documentary about Christian Zionism. It is a “must see” to understand why Christian Zionists (Judeo-Christians, Dispensationalists) support war in the Middle East to protect Israel. Find out how Cyrus I. Scofield’s reference Bible was used to promote Christian Zionism throughout evangelical seminaries and into evangelical churches for over a hundred years. For updates on Christian Zionism, visit their website:


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Rating: 4.2/5 (36 votes cast)
Christian Zionism: The Tragedy and the Turning (Full Version), 4.2 out of 5 based on 36 ratings

9 comments to Christian Zionism: The Tragedy and the Turning (Full Version)

  • Nathanial

    “christianzionism” is ANTI-Christ. cz is JUDAS ISCARIOT once again betraying Jesus Christ.

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  • Edward

    People like Hagee are well paid by zionists and I don’t mean christian zionists. The money comes from the Mediterranean.

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  • Re rider

    Man has a breathing problem. After we are resurrected we will be made perfect. Incorruptible. Until then sin and the fear of death keep us in bondage. Overcome it!

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  • Important information to put the Talmudic criminal Mafia into context, the people crashing the world economy via the Fed and IMF, and laying the foundation for the next world war via Ukraine or Iran, just watch Zionist Victoria Nuland and her Jewish coup in Ukraine, as the Talmud itself states, the goy that survive (their world government) will be slaves to Jews with each Jew having 2800 slaves.. that’s you.

    The criminal cunning and planing is beyond the average persons comprehension simply because they judge by their own values and that’s why they fail to understand Jewish malice to them.

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  • Tedx

    I am highly critical of Christian Zionists and believe the best way to treat their condition is to awaken them to the studies of Professor Shlomo Sand of Televive University, who authored the NYT Best Seller “The Invention of the Jewish People,” which claims today’s Jews are not descendants of the Hebrews of the Bible. The tests results of genetic studies conducted by an Israeli scientist at John Hopkins University testing Dr. Sand’s theory are even more convincing that Dr. Sand is correct and Jews are not of Hebrew descent.

    In addition, I have a Biblical reference in response to Charles E. Carlson’s claim that Jesus never endorsed war and is the Prince of Peace. Carlson says the Bible is free of any claim by Jesus in support of war. Carlson is wrong. Read Mathew Ch. 10, vs. 34. where Jesus denies to his closest disciples that he is a man of peace and in fact claims that he has come to make war.

    Isn’t if amazing how those presented on media as “experts” never seem to have the slightest idea what they’re talking about.

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  • Synagogue of Sayan

    What is the Schofield Bible? Where does it originate? Scofield, Moody and the rest were MASONS, and Rothschild paid for it all..Rothschilds are the head world Freemasonry, B’nai b’rith. British Israelism, with jewish Zionists at the very top.
    This creed of apostasy is based on FREEMASONRY. So dominant in the fake patriot community, are the Freemasonic Zionists in the guise of Xtians, that there is virtually no Xtian sect of peacemakers.

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  • william

    JUDAS ISCARIOT is alive and preaching from the pulpit of many American Churches.
    Any “teacher” who diverts Christians into bowing to the Jewish Temple Priests is a JudasGoat “kissing the cheek” of Christ through HIS Flock, for pieces of silver or foul reasons.
    He who blesses Israel Crucifies Christ.
    CHRISTians should welcome any Jew that comes to Jesus.
    CHRISTians cannot support or aid Israel or the Jewish Nation that DENIES the Lamb of God.
    OLD testament / NEW testament
    WAR god / PEACE god
    OLD covenant / NEW covenant
    The ESSENCE of Judaism is VENGEANCE
    ANTI: a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” “antiparticle of,” used in the formation of compound words (anticline); used freely in combination with elements of any origin (antibody; antifreeze; antiknock;;;; ANTICHRIST).
    “judeo-christian” or “christian-zionism” is anOXYMORON. Judeo refuses to even ACKNOWLEDGE CHRIST. Judeo refuses to acknowledge Jesus except to INSULT him and HIS teachings in the NEW Testament. They claim Jesus was the bastard child of a Roman soldier and Mary was a Harlot ……. and “christian” preachers CONDONE this?!?
    The LAMB of GOD was the FINAL sacrifice. Rebuilding the Jewish Temple and resuming bloody animal sacrifices repudiates the Crucifixion, the SACRIFICE of Jesus,the NEW Covenant. God chose JESUS CHRIST as His vehicle for world redemption.
    “This is my blood of the covenant….” (Matthew 26:28)
    “This is my blood of the covenant….” (Mark 14:24)
    “This cup is the new covenant in my blood….” (Luke 22:20)
    “This cup is the new covenant in my blood….” (1 Corinthians 11:25)
    The NEW Covenant replaced the OLD broken covenant.
    “No Jew accepts Jesus as the Messiah. When someone makes that faith commitment, they become Christian. It is not possible for someone to be both Christian and Jewish.”

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  • I’m not a Judeo-Christian and I don’t follow the Christian Zionist in any way. However Mr. Carlson, I will give you a scripture that you ask for. Luke 19:27, Jesus said, “And as for my enemy, those that don’t want me to rule over them. Bring them here and slay them before me.”

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