Inside Guantanamo (Full Version)

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2012 – For the first time, National Geographic exclusively captures day-to-day life in the most famous prison in the world.


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War on Whistleblowers

2013 – A film on historical and current whistle-blowers who have uncovered secret government programs, corrupt officials, and spying on the American people. Whistle-blowers play a key role in balancing out a government that likes to keep secrets and coverup its mistakes.


Unspeak – Words as Weapons

A look at how politicians and other members of the establishment repackage war, poverty, natural disasters and other inherently negative situations and actions with misleading terminology. Although evident throughout the ages and across nearly every regime, this film focuses on modern rhetoric used to fool the masses.


Death and Taxes

What does a taxpayer do if they don’t agree with half of their tax money going towards war, death, and destruction? Can you stop paying taxes? Are there ways to direct your tax dollars towards peaceful programs and purposes? Follow this story of 28 concerned citizen-activists as they search for the answers.



Britain’s Secret Terror Force

In the early 1970s, the British Army ran a secret undercover unit. Its existence was deniable and its tactics were so controversial that the unit was disbanded after just 14 months. Now, for the first time in 40 years, some of the unit’s former members break their silence and talk candidly to John Ware [...]

Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars

In Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars director Robert Greenwald shows the impact of U.S. drone strikes at home and abroad through dozens of interviews, including a former American drone operator who shares what he has witnessed while on duty, Pakistani families mourning loved ones and seeking legal redress, investigative journalists pursuing the truth, and top [...]

Stolen Kosovo – The Massacre of Serbs by KLA and NATO

All the rhetoric of the West’s fight against “Islamic Fundamentalism” and the “Global War on Terrorism” is proven to be blatant hypocrisy by US, NATO, and UN actions in the Balkans only a few short years before 9/11 and two years following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The global elites used bombing, “peacekeepers” [...]

The Gun That Aims Itself

In spring of 2013, Texas-based start up TrackingPoint Solutions released the first ever precision-guided firearm, which is essentially a long-range, laser-guided robo rifle. Call it the gun of tomorrow: The technology is so advanced we’ve heard it can have beginners killing at extreme distances with single-shot accuracy in mere minutes.

The PGF’s closed-loop system [...]

The Syrian War – What You’re Not Being Told

What’s really going on in Syria? Who actually committed the “chemical weapons attack?”


5 Broken Cameras

A pure homemade movie/documentary[nominated for 2013 Oscars] of a Palestinian peasant, Emad, mostly recorded by himself over 7 years. This movie features the resistance of Bi’lin village against the construction of buildings by Israel on their Olive-cultivated land in particular and the family of Emad in general.  

Subconscious War – Media, Reality & a Culture of Violence

A half-hour documentary that weaves soldiers’ recollections of violence and “collateral damage” with political leaders’ Newspeak about war and peace. The media shapes a reality of violence and spiritual baseness.


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