Looking for New (Unposted) Documentaries

Please send any suggestions to (Admin(at)undergrounddocumentaries.com) Please keep in mind we try to have films over 15 minutes, that are mostly ignored by the establishment media.

Site Update – Broken Video Links Help!

Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed about wanting to keep the site up and running. We had to many offers to reply to them all. We have found someone who will help with the site, so we’re staying online!

If we could ask for our readers’/viewers’ assistance, please post a link in the […]

It Can’t Happen Here

An independent documentary chronicling the history of tyranny around the world. Americans (much like all free societies turned dictatorship) have an undue and alarming trust for their government. Unfortunately, despite the noble efforts and intentions of America’s Founding Fathers, the American government is no more benign than Napoleon, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, etc. […]

Seeking Advertisers to Keep the Site Viable and Growing

Underground Documentaries has been up for about 6 months. In that time, the site has grown and has a sizable and growing audience. We have had to upgrade servers, and we spend a lot of time finding new films and maintaining the site. We’d prefer to not request donations but still would like to […]

Underground Documentaries Open Thread – Time for Your Comments, Suggestions, and Support

We’ve only been around a few months here at Underground Documentaries, but the site is catching on with a lot of folks. Our hope in starting this site was that we would reach people with the truth. We wanted a site where people could send their friends and family to “swallow the red pill” […]

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