Anonymous – Inside The Dark Web (Full Documentary)

2014 – A documentary by Anonymous on the state of surveillance in today’s modern world, and the efforts of some privacy advocates to develop technologies and tactics for people to fight back and regain their privacy.

America’s Surveillance State (6 Part Playlist)

We live in the United States of Surveillance–with cameras increasingly positioned on street corners and with much more invisible spying online and on the phone. Anyone who is paying attention knows that privacy could be out the window. All of this is not happening by accident -well funded powerful agencies and companies are engaged […]

Humans Need Not Apply

A scary and apparently realistic look at the future of robotics and the effect of machines on human employment. Machines are already capable of learning and mastering human tasks we once thought impossible. Will modern machinery and computing put most of us out of work?


Amazon: The Truth Behind The Click

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, pushes its employees to the limit. Former employees describe a dark, high-pressure work environment that makes them feel like robots, as timers countdown between each of their actions. Take a look inside the one-click world of Amazon as we go undercover with hidden cameras.


Will Work for Free – Machines Putting People Out of Work

2013 – Will Work For Free is a documentary by Sam Vallely on the subject of technological unemployment. If machines are making our economy more productive, why are so many becoming poor?


Leaked: The Internet Must Go – The Corporate Plan to Take Over the Internet

From the filmmaker, John Wooley: In 2012, I was dispatched to help the big ISPs to figure out how to sell their vision for a “faster,” “cleaner” internet. Six months later I produced this report — and leaked it to the world. Learn more and take action:


The Gun That Aims Itself

In spring of 2013, Texas-based start up TrackingPoint Solutions released the first ever precision-guided firearm, which is essentially a long-range, laser-guided robo rifle. Call it the gun of tomorrow: The technology is so advanced we’ve heard it can have beginners killing at extreme distances with single-shot accuracy in mere minutes.

The PGF’s closed-loop system […]

The Hidden Internet – Exploring The Deep Web

Let’s take a journey into what experts are calling “The Deep Web”.

Terms and Conditions May Apply – How Web Companies Steal Your Rights and Information

This is an important and frightening film, about how Google, Amazon, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin – and IMDb? – harvest our personal information and onsell it to the highest bidder, or to the government. How we don’t read that wodge of text in capitals comprising “Terms and conditions” before we click “Accept” – […]

Counter Intelligence – Shining a Light on Black Operations

This 5-part documentary is a great expose on the national surveillance state that has arisen over the last 50-100 years. Manipulating elections, overthrowing foreign governments, and secret assassinations are just a few of the heinous acts committed in the name of national security. Now that Edward Snowden has blown the lid off of the […]

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