Bill Hicks: Shock and Awe

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Rating: 4.3/5 (33 votes cast)

A 1992/1993 comedy routine by Bill Hicks.  In addition to keeping you laughing, Bill exposes the lies behind George Bush’s war propaganda in the lead up to the first Gulf War against Saddam Hussein and Iraq.  Memorable quote, “I didn’t vote for George Bush because he’s a mass murderer.”


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Rating: 4.3/5 (33 votes cast)
Bill Hicks: Shock and Awe, 4.3 out of 5 based on 33 ratings

11 comments to Bill Hicks: Shock and Awe

  • Duane

    This guy was a repulsive duschbag…
    What kind of asshole would bother with watching this dead dick?

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    Rating: -26 (from 28 votes)
  • Bill

    Duane, spoken like a True Believer.

    That wasn’t a complement.

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    Rating: +10 (from 10 votes)
    • Duane

      Because this vile, faggy looking dead duschbag regurgitates something obvious this makes him so entertaining?
      This vile piece of shit was just trying to appeal to the Bill Marr and Michael Moore (other no talent Duschbags) crowd and tell them what they want to hear…A comedian? I thought comedians were at least funny….
      As far as this piece of shit being truthful….
      I liked when he was trying to pander to the niggers with his “The office nigger hater” routine…
      Wasn’t that cute and hilarious? This vile, no talent duschbag deriding those evil “White racists” who STATE THE OBVIOUS about negro crime, murder, rape and robbery warfare against Whites (worldwide, South Africa style….)…And NO I don’t care if they commit thier inate talents on their own kind as well….
      Ooops…That truthful comment of mine is forbidden ….

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      Rating: -24 (from 26 votes)
      • john

        Wow Duane, don’t forget your pointy white hood on the way out the door you racist piece of shit.

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        Rating: +4 (from 6 votes)
        • saintquinn

          Hey FAGGOT john…
          You’re brave on this forum…
          I could assure you you wouldn’t be so brave it person… Pussy…
          Thanks for the hood compliment though….

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          Rating: -4 (from 6 votes)
  • TruthSeeker237

    This “dead dick” obviously new more than you and was able to speak the truth. It must be tough to be so intelligent and mature to name call and disrepect a man who had an opinion (facts) other than your own.

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  • Steve

    If only we had Hicks in the post-911 age when the police state really kicked in! And to think that he was this “in the know” even before the internet was widespread.

    Yeah, his ideas may sound regurgitated in 2013, but put it in context. And it’s not fair to compare him to that shill Bill Maher, who is blindly obedient to the left 100% of the time. Hicks was outraged at the Waco massacre, which was overseen with the blessing of Clinton and Janet Reno. If he were here today he would definitely be calling Obama out on his tyranny.

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    • The only thing critical one can say of Hicks is that he did not understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment and individual gun ownership in the preservation of absolute tyranny in America.

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  • arnold88

    So bill is an asswhole ? thats your opinion… i hate doctor phill and his allwise nanny advice crap for wally wallmart clowns

    I hate the enoying news reporters you can see at Cox news and cnn for hotdog addicted soulless creatures that believe in the dream that was a fairytail for sleepers ions ago a long time ago get over it……

    the wwf tube popcorn chewing clownsyndrome beings with these goofy android eye stare , that only want cheese burgers every 5 minutes ..while farting with the dwarf stars …

    or these i love obama hypnotized borg sheeple that stil believe in the flaq and vote for better days in hell

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