Are The Net Police Coming For You?

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A proposed new law is threatening to disconnect the millions of internet users who unlawfully download free music, films and TV. Jo Whiley looks at how broadband use at home may never be the same, and could even be cut off.

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Rating: 3.2/5 (6 votes cast)
Are The Net Police Coming For You?, 3.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

2 comments to Are The Net Police Coming For You?

  • delquattro

    This is a pure propaganda piece, and I will do my best to offer the opposing perspective that the “journalists” failed to represent.

    I have one word for all of those who claim that “file sharing” is stealing: Libraries. File sharing is no different than the centuries old practice of borrowing a book, and “stealing” the intellectual property contained within the pages without paying for it. What is forgotten in this discussion is that some consumers bought the original vinyl version, then the cassette version before CD’s replaced all of those. The same goes for movies; I have VHS tapes that were replaced with DVDs, then HD DVDs, and finally, Blu Ray discs.

    Did you catch the irony of a hip-hop artist whining about the destruction of music creativity?
    It is laughable to hear the musician mourn the loss of his “creativity” through file sharing, yet, “he wants to do what is right for the fans.” File sharing evolved from the fans, for the fans. Who is really being hurt is the music middleman, parasite, the gouger, filter for the corruption of society, and the destruction of music and culture: the record/movie labels. Perhaps, it would be better for society, and the industry as a whole if the record/movie label middleman were eliminated? The problem is that the record labels don’t want to respond to market forces, they want to control market forces, and they further exploit the source of their profits by putting them out front to beg for government intervention on their behalf.

    File sharing isn’t stealing, it is sharing. It is no different than loaning a disc to friend, and it can’t be stopped without establishing a police state. Artists who cry for government intervention are traitors to their “craft.” Music/movie middlemen are the buggy whip industry of the digital era. Don’t let the coffin hit you in the head as you gasp your last breath.

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  • jack black

    ok so heres a issue i personally love,you have the music industry and movie industry claiming poverty because of downloaders ….. grow a set and move with the times !its not 1980 anymore you dont need to go into a shop and spend £15 to buy a cd that on the cover has great potential, only to find out when youve brought it,it has 3 good song the rest are a pile of poo!id download it listen to it and if its good il buy it if its rubbish il move on and wait untill another good looking album comes along!
    as for films i got fed up seeing these amazing action films which look so jam packed full of action and humour go to the cinema or buy it on dvd just to find out the adverts have already shown all the best bits perfect example would be dark shadows (johnny depp’s film) every good funny clip shown in the adverts …. now id watch it online and then if it looks amazing online then id deffinately go to the cinema take my mrs with me and 4-6 friends walk away after spending around £200 between us all to watch the film and then probably buy the dvd if it seemed like a film i deffinately wanted to watch again and again like fast and furious 6 amazing film loved it went to the cinema 2 times and waiting for the dvd to be released!why dont warner bros and the like do their own online cinemas (if netflix can why not them?)charge a stupidly low fee to be able to watch their latest and greatest films for like £3 a month subscription to set it up would be simple they would be gaining alot more revenue’s from it and those which wanted to see it in full glory can still go to the cinema or release it 4-5 weeks after its cinema release on their servers!1000 people watched 1 movie then they get £3000 for that movie they wouldnt of nessasarly gotten before if this was open the world over you would be looking at millions if not billions in revenue yearly extra!stop penalizing the downloaders and move with the times you inept oafs!

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